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Many excellences of the Italian cooking tradition are born in these lands, by combining the tastes of the land and the attentive care for slow preparations. Carlo Govi Ristorante directly refers to this rich tradition made up of strong aromas and the taste for simple and full conviviality.

Mantuan cuisine is known as “the cuisine of princes and people”, in which popular dishes have been influenced by the refinement of the culinary art of the cooks at the Gonzaga court.

For a Mantuan person, approaching to cuisine means reliving the history of the city through its tastes that have become richer and richer in the centuries thanks to a positive international contamination.

Carlo Govi Ristorante rewrites and respects this ancient history with a special attention for the conviviality and the tranquillity of guests. Visitors find themselves immersed in a warm, welcoming ambience full of literary and artistic urge that recalls Mantua and the characters and personalities who linked their name to the Gonzaga’s town. The restaurant has an open-air roof terrace that gives you the opportunity to have lunch or dinner outside far from the traffic, living thoroughly the magic of Mantua.

Viale Gorizia is an historic place for Mantua’s restaurants, from 1959 there was La Brenta which had different forms, then you could eat fish at Novecento and last at Salamandra.

Tradition and elegance are mixed together like a good rediscovered dish.

The cuisine can serve about 40 people, also in intimate ceremonies, and is characterised by the simple elegance of each dish, each one of them well defined in forms and contents.
The dishes are to be appreciated for their completeness and the unquestionable good taste of the chef Simone, who reviewed the Mantuan classical cuisine with original creativity. Respect for the territory and identities, rigorous use of raw materials with updated techniques, from cutting to cooking.
The guest can find a range of quality solutions linked to the feeling of time and tradition.

The tradition of tastes, savours and knowledge of a land rich in flavours.

The proposal focuses on typical dishes like pike with sauce, capon salad à la Bartolomeo Stefani, agnoli (meat parcels in clear broth), tortelli (ravioli filled with pumpkin), handmade spaghetti with Lake Garda sardines, braised veal cheek with polenta, whitefish, which are present in the menu according to seasons.

There is nothing left for you to do but take a seat for a journey of pure pleasure and let Carlo Govi and his chef lead you through their proposed gastronomic paths.



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